I guess I must be ahead or something, because the smear attacks have begun. Through well-targeted and well-funded innuendo and attack, I am being labeled as soft on the issue of a woman's right to choose.

I support Roe v. Wade 100 per cent, and always have. I have never spoken one word, privately or publicly, to the contrary. I abhor and repudiate the current “war on women,” by which several states have in fact introduced restrictive legislation that limits women’s reproductive rights.

I did say in the past -- in 2006, in fact -- that I would support "speed bumps," a series of three neutral counseling sessions for any woman considering an abortion. I said this in the context of my experience in counseling women to be wise and reflective about such a momentous decision, but even then was not suggesting that a woman ever be denied the right to choose. When it was pointed out to me that the speed bump idea was a bad one for several reasons, I came to agree. Something that was good therapeutic advice was not in fact a good idea for a law.

From my book "A Woman’s Worth", to countless seminars and speeches in support of women and women’s causes, to my Sister Giant seminars encouraging women to take a more active role as leaders, I feel my life’s work speaks for itself. I hope all who agree will do what you can to spread the word that the “soft on choice” attack currently being waged against me is simply not true.

Many thanks.